MaxiCab Booking Singapore

Singapore MaxiCAB & MiniBUS Hotline   Maxicab booking in Singapore is a popular choice for private transportation as it could accommodate 7, 9, and even up to 13 passengers. For example, the Maxi Cab 7-seater is an ideal taxi because it has just the suitable capacity for a family. The vehicle is highly recommended to people who are planning
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What is a maxi cab?

What is a maxi cab? A maxi cab is a taxi service, that specializes in transporting larger groups of people. For example, imagine you have your family in town and would want to ride together to the restaurant for dinner. However, there are eight people and your vehicle only seats five. Maxi cab booking allows you and
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Why You Need Maxi CAB Airport Transfer

Singapore Maxi CAB Airport Transfer A Maxi CAB Airport Transfer is essential when you’ve landed from a long flight and you’re ready to start your holiday. The one thing you’ll most definitely want to have throughout your trip is convenience. A lot of travelers share in that like, and so more and more have started
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Type Of Maxicab Services

Type Of Maxicab Services Available Maxicab Services – Hourly Disposal Our 24hrs Maxicab Services range from 7-seater to 13-seaters and are available for a whole-day charter or on hourly rates. This package is ideal if you have planned to have a few pick-up points and stops during a specific timeframe. This is quite convenient instead of having your group separated into two
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Mini bus

Mini BUS transport for Workers

Mini BUS transport for Workers Mini BUS transport for Workers Hotline @ +65 9895 2595 A mini bus charter is not just for tourists and locals to use for convenient traveling around Singapore but also for workers’ daily transportation needs. This is to cater to the growing needs of shuttle services for a large number of workers or staff
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Singapore minibus vip booking

Executive Mini BUS Booking Options

Executive Mini BUS Booking Options If you are planning a trip to Singapore for yourself and a few business colleagues, do consider MaxiCABooking’s  Executive Minibus booking options. Traveling in comfort from the airport to the hotel, the hotel to the conference center, or the hotel back to the airport, needs to just par for the course.  Whether
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