April 21, 2015

Singapore Party BUS

Singapore Party BUS

Call, Book & Party in a BUS within 10min!

Party BUS Singapore is the right drive if you’re looking for a unique and exciting travel experience the Lion City way. Not only will you and your friends be chauffeured in Style but you will be partying like celebrities onboard any one of our party buses. We have a large fleet of exclusive and customised party buses which comes with individual themes. Don’t fret bout affordability as all our 13 seater party buses comes with very affordable rates. Whenever there is a need to travel in a group, one of the best option is to hire a Party Bus 13 seater because it is not just spacious but also offers many other useful features. This type of mini bus provides extremely comfortable seats along with high-end sound systems & lighting. Each and every one of our party bus are even equip with a smoke machine to create that mesmerizing disco effect. These party buses are loved by travelers the world over and now they are also becoming very popular in  Singapore as well.

“Party BUS Singapore Let The Party Comes To You

A party bus comes in handy when you have up to 13 passengers to transport to any destination say a club or company event. Instead of hiring two conventional maxi cab with each able to accommodate only up to seven passengers, a single party bus or also known as disco taxi by some would accommodate all your guests. This way you will still end up paying almost the same cost of two large cabs but your guests will get to enjoy our party on the road concept for the said journey. The bus is also much more cool, hip and stylish as it comes loaded with all the disco effects as you would find in a club. The guests will be Driven and Arrive in Style to any clubs in town or other prefered destinations even in residential areas. You can avail our services by 1 or 2 way point to point transfer or on hourly basis for a pub crawl and private mobile party.

Singapore Party BUS Bookings Available For Any Occasions

Our Party BUS are fully equip with all the things needed to have a great private party onboard. Lasers and disco lights, high-end sound system, LED TV playing your favorite tunes or MTV and also not forgetting the smoke machines that creates the mesmerizing effects for Your Private Party on the Road! For hourly bookings, karaoke onboard are also available but only for advance booking as not all party bus are equip with a karaoke system. Plus we assure you’ll arrive in style and be awed by onlookers when getting out of your cool ride. Book a party bus for any occasion be it to big local events such as ZOUK Out, F1 Grand Prix or to your school Proms with your best buddies. And if you’ve multiple pick up locations, book 1 for an hour to round-up the gangs before heading straight to your chosen destination. Other than that we also cater to Bachelor or Hen’s party, company events and are also available for airport arrival and departure transfers which is ideal for a surprise pick up when your family or friends visits Singapore for their vacation on the holiday seasons.

People hire a Party Bus 13 seater in Singapore not just for clubbing or events but also for their kids birthday party for pick up to and from the party locations or simply drive around for one or two-hour and celebrate the birthday party onboard the bus. If you want to hire a Party Bus 13 seater online here in Singapore, you can easily do so. Many packages are available for this type of transport and you can avail one depending on your requirements. Usually people book way in advance to avoid the last-minute stress of hiring the vehicle, especially on special events like Halloween party or Zouk Out which are held yearly here in Sentosa Island, Singapore. If there are more than 13 people, you can book two, four or even ten party buses depending on how big your event are and the total number of people to be transported. You need it, We have it!

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All you have to do is to name the type of occasion or theme that you wish to have at just a minimal additional costs for props and we will provide and cater it specially for you to ensure that it’s an enjoyable and memorable one. Just state type of transfers and preference you need and we’ll provide it, be it for immediate or advance bookings. So Why wait? Make your party bus booking now and party with style on the road with us! Feel free to check out our flexible and best party bus rates in town such as point-to-point transfer and our ultimate value for money hourly disposal booking.

Our Party Buses are even featured in the New Paper!

With the largest fleet in Singapore – Party BUS SG Unity Limo, No event is too big for us. Need a party bus immediately? Call us for bookings Now, there might be 1 just around the corner ensuring you are ready to party in 10-15mins. Not sure in regards to our party bus rates and packages? You’re most welcome to call our 24hrs hotline +65 6200 7759 for more information, our friendly operator will assist you 24×7.

For Party BUS Booking by SMS or Whatapps

Please provide the following details :

Pick up Time & Date

Pick up Address

Drop off Destination

Type of Service ( City Transfers, 1 way Transfers or Hourly)

Number of Passenger

Number of Bags ; if any

Party BUS 13 Seater Online Booking

Please select type of online booking and complete the form

Party BUS Online Booking

Party BUS for Events Booking

Party BUS Standard

City Transfer
From $85
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $85
(8-10 pax) $95
(11-13 pax) $105
*Outside CBD ares
(1-13 pax) $125
Most Popular

Party BUS Premium

City Transfer
From $100
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $100
(8-10 pax) $110
(11-13 pax) $120
*Outside CBD areas
(1-13 pax) $140
*Add $50 for Karaoke function

Party BUS Standard

Hourly Disposal
From $180
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $180
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $350
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $500
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $640
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $770
*Additional hrs capped at $120/hr

Party BUS Premium

Hourly Disposal
From $200
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $200
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $380
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $540
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $690
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $830
*Additional hrs capped at $150/hr
*Add $50/hr for Karaoke Function

1 Day Package (12hr)
12hr usage of Mix n Match for 6hr standby mode and 6hr party bus mode
2 Day Package (12hr p/day)
24hr usage of Mix n Match for 12hr standby mode and 12hr party bus mode.
3 Day Package (12hr p/day)
36hr usage of Mix n Match for 18hr standby mode and 18hr party bus mode.
4 Day Package (12hr p/day)
48hr usage of Mix n Match for 24hr standby mode and 24hr party bus mode.

Available Party BUS Services

1 or 2 way transfersAvailable for transfers from outside CBD area to clubs, proms, company events, birthdays, weddings etc

City transfers – Available for short transfers from one club to another within CBD area only

Hourly charterOur value for money packages which is ideal for pub crawl, bachelor / bachelorette party, weddings shuttle, company events or 1 hour drive around the Lion city. The package is also recommended for trips that require multiple pick up or extra stops and waiting time.

Airport transfers – Available for both departure and arrival. Our arrival service comes with the basic pickup and also the premier Meet and Greet service.

Our range of fleet also includes

Limo CAB 6 seater Toyota Alphard or Vellfire

Maxi CAB 7 Seater or 9 Seater Mercedes Viano

13 Seater Mini BUS or Mini BUS VIP Series Toyota Hiace and more..