March 12, 2017

Singapore Party BUS Rates

Singapore Party BUS Rates

Singapore party bus

The latest and updated Singapore Party BUS rates and services here at MaxiCABooking SG. With rates starting from $125 for a point-to-point one-way transfer with a maximum capacity of up to 12 passengers. The party bus is the right drive if you’re looking for a unique and exciting travel experience on the Lion City way. Not only will you and your friends be chauffeured in style. You’ll also be partying like celebrities onboard any one of our buses.

We have a large fleet of exclusive and customized party vans that come with individual themes. Don’t fret bout affordability as all our disco taxi services come with very affordable rates. Call our 24-hour hotline for immediate bookings. For SMS and WhatsApp bookings to +65 9895 2595 or simply email it to 

Singapore Party BUS Rates For Special Events and Functions

Singapore Party BUS rates


A party bus comes in handy when you have up to 12 passengers to transport to any destination say a club or company event. Instead of hiring two conventional maxi cabs each able to accommodate only up to seven passengers. It would be more economical to book a single party bus as it would accommodate all your guests. This way you will still end up paying almost the same cost as two large cabs. But your guests will get to enjoy our party on-the-road concept for the said journey.

We also cater our services to companies, event organizers, travel agents, and hotels. For corporate bookings and inquiries drop us an email at Our value for $$ services are as such; 1 or 2-way city transfers, airport arrival or departure, and hourly charter. Also, don’t miss the chance to get $10 off when you share and tag 10 friends on this video on social media.  Discount valid for airport transfer, hourly disposal, and city transfer.

Singapore Party BUS Rates and Services

  • Party BUS Airport Arrival – The driver will stand by at the airport and proceed to the designated pickup point upon phone call from the customer after they collect luggage * from $200
  • Party BUS Point-to-Point Transfer – Available with options of  1 or 2-way transfer. Pre-book your next trip with us. Advise us of your pick-up time and we will send our driver over at the designated time. Travel together with your family or group of friends in one spacious vehicle instead of taking a few taxis and coordinating them. We let you enjoy the ride hassle-free. All transfers are at affordable flat rates * inclusive ERP, booking fee, plus no peak hour charges. * from $125 per trip. 
  • Party BUS Hourly Disposal – Our hourly disposal caters to all types of events like company dinners,  weddings, city tours, and many more. During these hours you can also have multiple pick-up points. All this is also inclusive of unlimited waiting time and inclusive ERP and parking charges. You can also use our hourly disposal for shuttle services for your clients, company staff, and friends. We will ensure that the trip will be smooth and well-planned. Our driver will also be exclusively just for you during the booking hours, always on standby and ready to go.  * from just $250 per hour  

1 Way Transfer Within CBD Area

PB 1 Way City Transfer @ $130
PB 2 Way City Transfer @ $250
PB Premium 1 Way City Transfer @ $150
PB Premium 2 Way City Transfer @ $290
Most Popular

Hourly Booking

Balloons add $20 & above
PB 1hr Booking @ $225
PB 2hr Booking @ $430
PB Premium 1hr Booking @ $260
PB Premium 2hr Booking @ $500

1 Way Transfer Outside CBD Area

PB 1 Way Transfer @ $160
PB 2 Way Transfer @ $300
PB Premium 1 Way Transfer @ $200
PB Premium 2 Way Transfer @ $380

1 Day Package (12hr)
12hr usage of Mix n Match for 6hr standby mode and 6hr party bus mode
2 Day Package (12hr p/day)
24hr usage of Mix n Match for 12hr standby mode and 12hr party bus mode.
3 Day Package (12hr p/day)
36hr usage of Mix n Match for 18hr standby mode and 18hr party bus mode.
4 Day Package (12hr p/day)
48hr usage of Mix n Match for 24hr standby mode and 24hr party bus mode.

For Updated Singapore Party BUS rates @ +65 9895 2595

Call us to book a party bus or for more information about our services. Our friendly operator will assist you 24×7.

Please provide the following details :

  • Pick up Time & Date
  • Pick up Address
  • Drop off Destination
  • Type of Service (One Way, Hourly)
  • Number of Passengers
  • Number of Bags

Our range of fleet includes

Available services

  • 1 or 2-way transfers  – Available for trips to Singapore attractions, company events, weddings
  • Airport transfers– Available for both departure and arrival. Our arrival service comes with basic pick-up and also the premier Meet and Greet service which is strongly recommended for first-time travelers and corporate clients.
  • Hourly charter – Our value-for-money package is ideal for tourists to explore the Lion City, weddings, and corporate clients’ transportation to company meetings. The package is also recommended for trips that require multiple extra stops and waiting times.

Other Maxi Cab Services

  • Wheelchair Transfer – MaxiCABooking SG offers safe and comfortable transportation for our less disabled customers with our Maxi Cab wheelchair transfer services. We provide both 7 seater maxi cab and  9 seater minibus wheelchair service that is specially catered to clients with physical disabilities
  • Bulky Items Transfer – It would be a complicated task to move bulky and oversized items from one location, such as Ikea, to another location or home. This is why MaxiCABooking SG  provides bulky item transport services to our valued customers.