Why Party Bus 13 Seater is an Ideal Choice

Why Party Bus 13 Seater
is an Ideal Choice?

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Whenever there is a need to travel in a group, the best option is to hire a Party Bus 13 seater because it is not just spacious but also offers many other useful features. This type of minibus provides extremely comfortable seats along with high-end sound systems and lightings. Each and every one of our party buses are even equipt with a smoke machine to create that mesmerising disco effect. These party buses are loved by travelers the world over and now they are also becoming very popular in Singapore as well.

A party bus comes in handy when you have up to 13 passengers to transport to any destination say a club or company event. Instead of hiring two conventional large cabs with each one having a capacity to accommodate seven passengers, a single party bus would accommodate all your guests. This way you will still end up paying almost the same cost of two large cabs but get to enjoy our party on the road concept for the said journey. The bus is also much more hip and stylish as it comes loaded with all the modern amenities one might hope for in a car. The guests are comfortably seated and the vehicle offers a smooth glide all through the town be it for just point to point transfer or pub crawl.

Book a Party BUS and Party Onboard with your Girlfriends

If you want to hire a party bus online in Singapore, you can easily do so. Many packages are available for this type of transport and you can avail one depending on your requirements. Usually people book way in advance to avoid the last-minute stress of hiring the vehicle, especially on special events like Halloween party or Zouk Out which are held yearly here in Sentosa Island, Singapore. If there are more than 13 people, you can book two, three or even four party buses depending on the total number of people to be transported. You need it, We have it!

People hire a Party Bus 13 seater in Singapore not just for clubbing or events but also for their kids birthday party for pick up to and from the party location or simply drive around for one or two hour and celebrate the birthday itself onboard the vechicle. Some customers even hire one just for sightseeing around Singapore and even a short drive to Malaysia.


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