Party BUS with Karaoke

Party BUS with Karaoke

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Whether we like it or not, every one of us have this urge in us to sing. If singing is a passion, most of time we don’t really care how others hear it, whats important is it sounds perfect to our ears. Are you one of those that find yourself singing karaoke whenever you are out with your friends and families and simply sing your heart away till the time becomes invincible? Well, we have something just for you!

MaxiCABooking SG presents our very own mobile karaoke party!  

No longer stuck within 4 walls, you will now get to enjoy doing karaoke and enjoy the view and scenery on the move. Imagine yourself being a superstar, singing your hearts out while cruising the streets in S’pore. Not exciting enough for you? Wait if we tell you that you will be able to do this inside a party bus. So, you will be able to karaoke and party at the same time. It really is two in one! Gather a group of friends and party-sing your night away! From our drivers experiences we know that even those friends who are initially shy will end up fighting for the microphone within minutes. Well somebody have to break the ice, get your worst sounding friend to start the ball rolling. Once everyone get through that 4 minutes of ‘awesome’ singing, we are pretty sure it won’t be an issue for the rest to be out of their comfort zone.

Our mobile karaoke party is suitable for all type of occasions

Birthday party – Gather all your best mates and party till the sunrise! Sing all of your favourite memorable songs and enjoy the night away like no other.

Bachelor / Hen’s Party Tired of all the common activities planned typically, why don’t you themed up the party and make everyone sing in accordance to the theme to get them in character and ready to sing the night away. Imagine having your very own Mick Jagger, Eminem or wait … even your very own J-LO?

Corporate Party – Sick of the mundane annual dinner and dance? Lets get your bosses hook on to this idea. To engage all the employees, you can also organise prizes based on their performances – Best Duo, Best Group, Best Vocal and many more

MaxiCABooking SG is ready to make all your karaoke party dreams come true with our Premium Party buses.

Premium Party Bus :  Decked with a luxurious interior, amazing high-end sound system, karaoke function, LED lighting and smoke machine – you see this right, we have all it takes to party in our premium party buses! Wait.. that doesn’t sound like what you will need to have a karaoke party right?  Not to worry, our Premium Party Bus are also fitted with a 32-inch TV and bluetooth microphones to go around. You will feel like you are in a recording studio! And the best part is, it will come with a reasonable and affordable price tag! Already feel the itch in your throat? Call our customer support today to arrange the most amazing Mobile Karaoke Party. We are always just a call / whatsapp or email away. 

Party BUS Standard

City Transfer
From $85
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $85
(8-10 pax) $95
(11-13 pax) $105
*Outside CBD ares
(1-13 pax) $125
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Party BUS Premium

City Transfer
From $100
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $100
(8-10 pax) $110
(11-13 pax) $120
*Outside CBD areas
(1-13 pax) $140
*Add $50 for Karaoke function

Party BUS Standard

Hourly Disposal
From $180
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $180
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $350
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $500
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $640
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $770
*Additional hrs capped at $120/hr

Party BUS Premium

Hourly Disposal
From $200
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $200
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $380
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $540
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $690
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $830
*Additional hrs capped at $150/hr
*Add $50/hr for Karaoke Function


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