Make Your Trips To Your Favourite Clubs Much More Enjoyable

Make Your Trips To Your Favourite Clubs Much More Enjoyable

Party in a BUS and Get All Hype Up

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All party goers would want to have the best experience travelling to their favourite nightspots or event location. Be it someone who party occasional or frequently. Singapore nightspots features some of the popular night clubs known to party goers which is usually operates by 5 star hotels. You should expect hefty parking surcharge if you decide to drive yourself and pay for a parking spot, or worst caught and charge with drink driving. Whether you are travelling alone or together with a group of friends or family, party buses are the best choice for a hip and fun mode of transportation. Here’s some tips on how to make your trips much, much more enjoyable.

1) Book Online

Nowadays you don’t need to have the telephone number of a party bus company at hand. You can simply do so when you visit our booking website from the comfort of your smart phone. After filling up the necessaries, you’ll receive a confirmation almost instantly and you’ll be set for the pick-up service on the specified date and time.

2)  Sort Out Your Party BUS Transfer with Ease

After a fun night at your frequent hang out, it’s time to head back home. And the last thing you would want to do is queuing for a taxi ride to your home or hotel. You can make these go away by booking a party bus with MaxiCABooking SG.

All you need to specify when making the online booking are the passenger details (the name, date, time, and pick up or drop off location)

Whether you are travelling as individuals or groups, we assure your ride is ready to go when you are.

3) Getting the Right Type of Booking

MaxiCABooking SG has several type of transfer type. City transfers (within CBD), hourly booking for club hop or bar crawl and a lot more.

However, if you are travelling together in a big group, even going to town would be a hassle. You’ll need the right size of vehicle that could fit everyone comfortably and most importantly the vehicle comes with laser lights, high-end sound systems and smoke machine too. With high-capacity and luxurious space the party bus are an excellent choice for group travel to and from clubs.

Pay Affordable Rates

While the party bus is a fun way to make your trips to and from clubs, the best part is that you can enjoy our party bus services at an affordable rate! MaxiCABooking SG offers affordable deals that you can choose with efficient and comfortably assured.


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