Party BUS 13 Seater Rates and Services

Party BUS 13 Seater Rates and Services

Party BUS Services

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If you are new in Singapore, you will be surprised to know that a party bus 13 seater is one of the most popular forms of transportation here. People hire this vehicle not just for club-to-club transfers but also for all types of events and special occasions like proms, bachelor nights, weddings, and company events. People book these vehicles in advance to save money when they have to transfer big groups or up to 13 passengers from one place to another.

These party buses also come in handy when tourists want to travel together as a group for sightseeing and other activities. The interiors of these vehicles are so comfortable that every passenger gets enough space to stretch and relax or even dance to music during the journey. Owing to the popularity of these fun and cool vehicles, people look for party bus 13 seater rates and services online.

Party BUS Online Booking

Singapore Party Bus charter service

It has become very convenient nowadays to book a party bus online days before the event so that you can have some peace of mind and concentrate on other preparations. There are absolutely no hidden charges for these types of services no matter what time of the day it is.

Moreover, there are no extra charges in peak seasons or months. It is usually a flat rate all year round and depends on the distance you traveled. So, to find out how much you will have to pay you need to fill out an online form, giving information about your destination and the number of passengers that need to be transferred.

party bus club hop
Who says the party cant start until your group arrives at its destination

Party bus 13 seater rates and services include information like point-to-point transfers, hourly or whole-day charter, and airport pick-up and drop-off services. Tourists who are in Singapore for a short trip usually go for a whole-day charter and pay a one-time fee in advance to enjoy this facility. If, however, you are not sure of your destination then you must opt for the hourly service in which you are charged on a per-hour basis. These services are clearly defined but you can also get more information but calling the hotline number.

1 Way Transfer Within CBD Area

PB 1 Way City Transfer @ $130
PB 2 Way City Transfer @ $250
PB Premium 1 Way City Transfer @ $150
PB Premium 2 Way City Transfer @ $290
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Hourly Booking

Balloons add $20 & above
PB 1hr Booking @ $225
PB 2hr Booking @ $430
PB Premium 1hr Booking @ $260
PB Premium 2hr Booking @ $500

1 Way Transfer Outside CBD Area

PB 1 Way Transfer @ $160
PB 2 Way Transfer @ $300
PB Premium 1 Way Transfer @ $200
PB Premium 2 Way Transfer @ $380

1 Day Package (12hr)
12hr usage of Mix n Match for 6hr standby mode and 6hr party bus mode
2 Day Package (12hr p/day)
24hr usage of Mix n Match for 12hr standby mode and 12hr party bus mode.
3 Day Package (12hr p/day)
36hr usage of Mix n Match for 18hr standby mode and 18hr party bus mode.
4 Day Package (12hr p/day)
48hr usage of Mix n Match for 24hr standby mode and 24hr party bus mode.

For Singapore Party BUS 13 Seater Booking by Call, SMS, or WhatsApp @ +65 9895 2595

Call us to book or for more information in regard to our services. Our friendly operator will assist you 24×7.

Please provide the following details :

  • Pick up Time & Date
  • Pick up Address
  • Drop off Destination
  • Type of Service (One Way, Hourly)
  • Number of Passengers
  • Number of Bags

Available Party BUS services

  • 1 or 2-way transfers  – Available for trips to Singapore attractions, company events, weddings, etc
  • Airport transfers– Available for both departure and arrival. Our arrival service comes with basic pick-up and the premier Meet and Greet service which is strongly recommended for first-time travelers and corporate clients.
  • Hourly charter – Our value-for-money packages are ideal for tourists to explore the Lion City, weddings, and for corporate clients’ transportation to company meetings. The package is also recommended for trips that require multiple extra stops and waiting times.

Other transportation services we provide

  • Wheel-chair transfer – for check-up appointments, available for point-to-point transfer and hourly disposal.
  • Bulky items transfer – Bicycles, surfboards, and even furniture bought from Megastores such as Ikea and Courts.
  • Charter to Malaysia – to Legoland, KSL Mall, JB City, and further areas like Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

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