Benefits that comes with online Party BUS Booking options at MaxiCABooking SG

Benefits that comes with online Party BUS Booking options at MaxiCABooking SG

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The Party BUS are one of a popular transportation in Singapore that are also very cost-effective. This type of vehicle comes with a spacious and luxurious interior that could accommodate large group of travellers of up to 13 passengers comfortably. The party buses also comes with large bonnet space to ensure there are enough space for party bus airport transfers with luggage. Our well-trained drivers who are also very well versed with the city roads and popular night-life locations.

Leaves all the party planning to Us

Once you’ve chosen and booked one of our Party BUS package in advance, you only need to follow through all the upcoming tour that have been planned for you and nothing else. Once booking made, MaxiCABooking SG  will make sure your party bus will arrive on the scheduled time at the preferred pickup destination. So now you easily can focus on only 1 thing and that’s enjoying your mobile party to the fullest without any concern of transportation availability.

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Vast variety of travel options

Planning to have a customised package with our experienced driver at hand? Well no worries on that, at MaxiCABooking SG, we are able to cater to all your needs. With many different types of packages like the daily or hourly charter, our customer support staff will be able to assist you in advising which is the best and most cost efficient for you. Apart from this, we also have our fixed daily packages for events. Even this can be customised to your preference and timings. Singapore is also filled with many world-class clubs like the Ce La Ve, 1 Altitude, Bang Bang, Kilo and many more.

Professional customer support team on hand

At MaxiCABooking SG, we trained all our team to be problem solvers. Our customer support are equipped with the experience to be able to advice you based on your needs to whats best and most importantly cost-effective.

Other services we provides :

Limo CAB 6 seater & Maxi CAB 7 seater

Wheel-chair transfer – for check-up appointments, available for point to point transfer and hourly disposal.

Bulky items transfer – Bicycle, Surfboard and even furnitures bought from Megastore such as Ikea and Courts.

Charter to Malaysia – to Legoland, KSL Mall, JB City and further areas like Malacca, Penang, Kuala Lumpur etc.


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