The Right Choice for Party BUS Bookings

The Right Choice for
Party BUS Bookings

Singapore Party BUS Hotline 24hrs @ +65 9895 2595

Planning a surprise birthday or hens party for your family member or friend and want it to be a memorable one? Then hiring a party bus from a reliable and professional private listed company is recommended. Locals or tourist here favors this affordable and hip transportation services that offers fun and cool rides across the country and even across the border, Malaysia.

Maxicab Booking SG

MaxiCABooking SG provides reliable yet affordable party bus services to tourists and local residents at standard flat rates with no hidden charges assured. All our rates and packages are as per stated in our party bus rates and packages and won’t fluctuate with surging rates whenever there are high demands for party bus services.MaxiCABooking SG strives to provide dedicated party limo bus services, to ensures our customers enjoy their party bus rides to their destination, even in the hectic and busy roads of Singapore. Our vehicles are scheduled to go for regular servicing and maintenance so you our value customers can be assured a safe and happy travel experience onboard our party bus fleet.  

Our call center are available 24hrs to attend to any enquiries and help  customers to select the right package and services according to their events or private mobile party  requirements. And our operations department will handle all bookings professionally so as to send vehicles to their respective  designated pick up location as per our customers scheduled bookings. Our 1 stop booking portal also offers  fast and easy party bus online booking  that are simple and easy to use with all rates stated clearly. Here are steps to follow that is essential upon making your bookings ;

1. Prepare a list of your event or party itinerary

To ensure that your special event are a memorable one, it is important to pen down your planned activities  in advance.

Our party bus for event package rates  helps party planners or event companies to choose and plan for their clients well so as not to spend out of their budget even before the start of their event.

Simply read through and choose types of transfers or packages that suits your client itinerary, click and confirm with no-hassle or complication.

Number of maximum passengers are also stated with types of party bus, rate and services to help customers choose the right packages required  for their event or client’s.

So you  won’t be in situations  whereby the party bus booked for example on hourly or daily package are not fully utilised for the said event.

2. Select the right party bus ride for yourself

When checking out our wide services and packages, be sure to scroll down  and read through all so as to select the most suitable package for your mobile party.

And in the meantime be sure you check for the best possible promotion deals available during special occasions like Christmas, New Year and so on. Choose party bus types  that could well accommodate your  family and friends comfortably  whether for a long or short distance journey.

3. Provide full details such as name and contact number

Once you have selected your preferred type of party bus and services, provide your full name or contact person for our driver to call upon reaching pick up location. This is so our driver could contact and liaise or be directs to your exact  location, but do ensure to check the vehicle number are as per provided  before boarding vehicle.

Just follow this three simple steps and your party bus rides are sure to be a smooth and a memorable one with  drivers who are fluent in local languages, friendly and will definitely get you to your party location on time. MaxiCABooking SG also provides extra services such as purchase of drinks in advance at pub rates but BYOB is also allowed with no extra charges.

Party BUS Standard

City Transfer
From $85
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $85
(8-10 pax) $95
(11-13 pax) $105
*Outside CBD ares
(1-13 pax) $125
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Party BUS Premium

City Transfer
From $100
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $100
(8-10 pax) $110
(11-13 pax) $120
*Outside CBD areas
(1-13 pax) $140
*Add $50 for Karaoke function

Party BUS Standard

Hourly Disposal
From $180
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $180
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $350
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $500
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $640
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $770
*Additional hrs capped at $120/hr

Party BUS Premium

Hourly Disposal
From $200
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $200
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $380
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $540
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $690
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $830
*Additional hrs capped at $150/hr
*Add $50/hr for Karaoke Function

1 Day Package (12hr)
12hr usage of Mix n Match for 6hr standby mode and 6hr party bus mode
2 Day Package (12hr p/day)
24hr usage of Mix n Match for 12hr standby mode and 12hr party bus mode.
3 Day Package (12hr p/day)
36hr usage of Mix n Match for 18hr standby mode and 18hr party bus mode.
4 Day Package (12hr p/day)
48hr usage of Mix n Match for 24hr standby mode and 24hr party bus mode.


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