party bus in singapore

Why Choose a Party Bus for Traveling?

Party BUS #Shuttle Service If you haven’t had a chance to travel in a party bus, you will be surprised to discover just how luxurious this type of transport is. It is called a party bus  because it comes with disco effects as you would find in clubs such as laser lights, high-end sound systems and smoke
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Party in a bus

Why rent a Party bus 13 seater?

Whether you are traveling in a group friends or family of four or more, our 13 seater party bus  passenger vehicle series will let you discover fun and hip transportation with us.  Travelling in a normal taxi or public transport may cost much cheaper but why not splurge a bit more and Enjoy being Driven in Style to your company event or
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party bus for club hop

Party BUS SG Hotline

Party BUS #TurnUpZouk A special day celebration or occasion is coming? Why not Book a Party Bus ride or even better Party bus shuttle service for your guest to your event location. And if you are celebrating your special night out with close friends by going to Clubs in the city, get in party mode onboard
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