Singapore Maxicab & Minibus Transfers

Singapore Maxicab &
Minibus Transfers

Singapore Maxi CAB 24hr Booking Hotline @ +65 6200 7759

When arriving in Singapore and moving out onto the busy streets, you will realize why many hire their transport via reputable taxi or cab companies. MaxiCABooking SG is one such company and our Maxicab & Minibus Transfers can mean the difference between a stress-filled holiday or business trip, versus a relaxed and rewarding journey. Do not compromise when the next time you went on a trip. Consider our Maxicab & Minibus Transfers, which will safely and timorously get you from point A to point B, without fuss or fret.

Here is what you need to do next time you are planning a trip to or in and around Singapore:

Click through to our Online Booking form and input all the relevant details to choose your next Maxicab & Minibus Transfers trip

Pay through our convenient method

Inform us of:

the number of passengers travelling with you

the number of luggages and sizes

whether any of the luggage is breakable or sensitive in any nature

your arrival time and flight details, should collection from the airport needed

your destination and any stops in between

any special requirements you may need, such as seating arrangements, baby seats, wheelchair facilities, any requests – we will try to accommodate

You have choices of:

Airport Transfers

  Bulky Items Transfers

  Wheelchair Transfers

  Tourist Attractions Transfers

  Pets Transfers

  Hourly Charter

  City Tour

Our rates are affordable and our drivers are friendly and professional. No matter what your request, we will try to find a way for the best solution for you.MaxiCABooking SG has the reputation of satisfaction the world over, and no matter who you are, we pride ourselves on VIP Executive treatment. So, consider us for your next trip, and our Maxicab & Minibus Transfers Options.  You won’t regret a single step of this journey with us.


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