Party BUS Booking: Singapore Travel in Comfort and Style

Party BUS Booking: Singapore Travel in Comfort and Style

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Going around Singapore is easy even with a larger group of friends or family. The 13 seater Party BUS booking for instance offers both comfort and style for your transportation. There are also party buses that comes with u-shape sofa seating arrangement complete with pole which makes this party buses top of the list for club hop in the weekends. You can definitely afford to make this luxury vehicle your own private transportation. All you have to do is rent one for your Singapore adventure. There are numerous party bus companies that offer these amazing party in a bus ride complete with a driver to make your trip fun, easy, and with class.

Learn more about Party BUS Booking – There are various packages that are often recommended if you want to push through with your party bus booking. Take a look at your options should you consider going around Singapore with family, friends, or colleagues:

Let’s Party in the BUS

Point to Point Transfer

One of the most common of the package offered is a one-way point to point transfer. You can travel from your place of accommodation or hotel to clubs, parties, events and even to the airport. You need not go through the hassle of driving, traffic, or hailing a cab. Having your own private vehicle that you rented through party bus booking would mean not getting lost but rather you would travel in Style. This package is also popular among locals who need a vehicle to travel out of the metro. It depends on the company you hire but different rates apply. Moreover, you may also have to add on fees if you have other stops along the way to your destination.

Hourly Booking

It all depends on the party bus company how much you are going to have to pay in an hourly basis. In most cases, a minimum of 1 hours is required for the rental. An hour of party bus charter takes you anywhere in SG with multiple pick up or drop off. You can also opt for extra hours with very affordable additional fees. Moreover, the hourly transport service is not just exclusive for tourists. Locals that want a luxurious and hip transportation service for special event or occasions such as proms, bachelor night can also avail the party bus ride. There are companies that provide services for parties destinations in and around SG.


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