Features of a Party BUS Premium

Features of a Party BUS Premium

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Interior, High-End Sound System with Karaoke Function

Our Party BUS premium series comes equip with 32 inch led TV, playing your favourite MTV. High-end sound systems, powered by popular brands such as Fusion, Rockford and Orion. With the most comfortable and spacious seating areas, plenty of leg room and a cool ride that comes with high-end sound systems and disco themed lightings. You and your fellow companions will be well on your way to a fantastic and memorable trip to town in no time. Karaoke function, user-friendly Popsicle Karaoke with original artists and song queue function. Disco-effects.,disco balls, laser lights and smoke-machine. For interior wise, this buses are customised with more executive-like settings such as leather top and seats making it perfect for your corporate clients night-life outings. Gather a group of friends and party-sing your night away! From our drivers experiences we know that even those friends who are initially shy will end up fighting for the microphone within minutes

Type of Party BUS Transfer Available

Party bus offers services like point to point transfer, airport arrival and departure, and also available for pub crawl on hourly basis. The stylish and luxurious look of this vehicle makes it a preferred choice of most party goers out there. Also known as disco taxi, it is ideal for close friends or  colleagues traveling in a group. Party BUS City Transfers (within CBD) is suitable for club to club hopping to Singapore’s popular night-life such as to (MBS) CE LA VE, (Hyatt) Breeks and Club Street to name a few. Although city transfers are for short distance travel, we assure the magical moments while you party on the move is priceless. Party BUS Transfers are also available for bookings from your residential areas to town that would take about 30 mins ride to reach your destination or from anywhere outside CBD areas. More time to party on board but cost at just a fraction more from a party bus city transfer  rate that are usually a short 15 mins ride.

The Party BUS is becoming one of the most widely use private transport services in Singapore. The vehicle offers some of the most attractive features that appeal to a lot of people out there especially those who are on a vacation in a foreign land. If you also plan on visiting Singapore anytime soon, it is highly recommended that you hire a Party BUS 13 seater well in advance for all your conveyance needs. This vehicle is ideal for a group of friends or family as it is spacious and well-equipped with all the modern amenities. The party bus is an ideal mode of transportation when you travel in big group of friends or with your family. In fact, the vehicle is highly recommended to people who are planning a special surprise for their friends bachelor or bachelorette party and that special someone’s birthday. Usually booked by customers for a drive around the city and have their own private parties onboardParty bus bookings  comes with a driver who knows all the hip and  popular places to go to at the heart of the Lion city night-life.

Singapore Party BUS Booking Hotline

You can book your vehicle well in advance and then plan your private party or event without any stress or anxiety. There would be no tension of arranging for a driver or driving the car yourself. And you can be assured that you’ll be driven to and from your destinations  safe and comfortable when traveling in Singapore onboard the party bus. When you hire a party bus Singapore, all your worries that you’ll be too drunk to drive back home won’t be an issue, as all this are handed over to the driver. So Book 1 and Let the Party come to You and Enjoy your night out to its fullest by availing this wonderful opportunity and reaching at all your destinations in style! The reservation is a simple and straight forward procedure and all you have to do is choose a package, pick some add-ons, pay online, and you’re all set to go! The service has been rated highly by people who have used it because it is simply fantastic owing to the reasonable rates and the benefits these vehicles have to offer.

Party BUS Standard

City Transfer
From $85
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $85
(8-10 pax) $95
(11-13 pax) $105
*Outside CBD ares
(1-13 pax) $125
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Party BUS Premium

City Transfer
From $100
*Within CBD ares
(1-7 pax) $100
(8-10 pax) $110
(11-13 pax) $120
*Outside CBD areas
(1-13 pax) $140
*Add $50 for Karaoke function

Party BUS Standard

Hourly Disposal
From $180
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $180
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $350
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $500
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $640
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $770
*Additional hrs capped at $120/hr

Party BUS Premium

Hourly Disposal
From $200
(1-13 pax) 1 hour $200
(1-13 pax) 2 hour $380
(1-13 pax) 3 hour $540
(1-13 pax) 4 hour $690
(1-13 pax) 5 hour $830
*Additional hrs capped at $150/hr
*Add $50/hr for Karaoke Function

1 Day Package (12hr)
12hr usage of Mix n Match for 6hr standby mode and 6hr party bus mode
2 Day Package (12hr p/day)
24hr usage of Mix n Match for 12hr standby mode and 12hr party bus mode.
3 Day Package (12hr p/day)
36hr usage of Mix n Match for 18hr standby mode and 18hr party bus mode.
4 Day Package (12hr p/day)
48hr usage of Mix n Match for 24hr standby mode and 24hr party bus mode.


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