4 Types of Party Bus Charter Service by MaxiCABooking SG

4 Types of Party Bus Charter Service by MaxiCABooking SG

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If you’re looking for an experience event company to organise big group transportation for a big party event, then you should look no further than MaxiCABooking SG.

Opting for a spacious and exclusive party bus for transporting your guests to the event location would be an ideal choice. Not only are the party bus charter rental rates competitive and affordable, it is also inclusive booking reservation fee and ERP.

Depending upon your event schedule, you have the option of choosing from either per way transfers or hourly booking at a flat rate from MaxiCABooking SG Party BUS.

You could book a 13 seater party bus for the following:

1. Shuttle Services

Pamper your VIP guests with an exclusive party bus shuttle from various pick up points, let them get on party mode on the way to your event. Equip with lighting and smoke machine that creates a club atmosphere. From picking them up to arriving event location, your guest are sure to enjoy every minute onboard the shuttle service. We assure you the party bus will arrive at each pick up location on scheduled time to prevent any your guest having to wait too long and spoil their party mood.

2. Club Transfers in the city

Planning to held a  Party BUS Bar Crawl and wishes to cover most of the popular clubs in a single night? Our booking experts could make it happen with carefully planned itinerary with our party bus bar crawl package. MaxiCABooking SG will ensure that your entire group is picked up from their respective residences or hotel well in advance and start the Bar Crawl once everybody are onboard.

3. Long-term Company Charter

Apart from visiting tourists and locals, multinationals and corporations could also opt for booking the party buses on a long-term basis say, for a yearly event whereby advertisement are needed to be display on the party buses. Graphic stickers will be put on by experience and professional company under MaxiCABooking SG company listings to make sure a stunning and long-lasting result.

4. Carpooling or Ride Sharing

MaxiCABooking SG’s  party bus charters are also ideal for carpooling/ride-sharing as the same offers relief to commuters from the daily rush to catch a bus or train. Carpooling also helps to save fuel expenses and parking fees as well as offers minus the tension of driving. No more worrying if you are able to drive back home or not, simply book a party bus on hourly basis and sent everyone back home safe and still get to continue to party onboard. Remember, If You Drink Don’t Drive, Be Driven in Style instead in our fleet of party buses.

At the end of the day, you can be assured and rely on MaxiCABooking SG services for booking a luxury party limo bus that meets your every event transportation needs. We offer wide number of options that suits the need of big or small group.